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Legislation & Adoptions


NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative gives you the tools to convince legislators and code-making officials that sprinklers are a live-saving necessity. NFPA also closely watches legislative activity pertaining to sprinkler installation in new homes.

NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative offers advocacy tools to convince legislators to mandate home fire sprinkler installation

While we are making headway in our efforts to get local governments to require home fire sprinklers in all new, one- and two-family homes, sprinkler opponents have been pushing legislation that would restrict a community’s ability to make its own decision about model safety codes for new construction. These bills prevent communities from implementing any new sprinkler requirements, placing the lives of our friends, families, and communities at risk. We need your help to make sure current laws requiring fire sprinklers remain intact and bills prohibiting fire sprinklers do not pass. Use the resources in the sidebar to help your elected officials know that you support home fire sprinklers and do not back efforts preventing requirements for home fire sprinklers.

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