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Advocacy Tools


Make an effective case for home fire sprinkler requirements. NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative offers an array of free tools and information to convince lawmakers and code-adopting bodies that sprinklers in new, one- and two-family homes are necessary, live-saving devices.

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In This Section

  • Newsletter   Get the latest sprinkler news delivered to your inbox by signing up for this free publication
  • Free Downloads   These materials can help you promote sprinklers in your community
  • Bringing Safety Home Grant   Safety advocates receive up to $10,000 to promote home fire sprinklers
  • Faces of Fire   Hear the many stories of people impacted by fire
  • Home fire sprinkler quiz   Test your knowledge on this important safety device
  • Fact sheets   Underscore the home fire problem and effectiveness of sprinklers with these materials
  • Videos   Watch an informative webinar or a fire sprinkler demonstration
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition   Obtain free educational tools that give a convincing case for sprinkler installation
  • Fire concerns with modern homes   Learn why modern building materials and upholstered furniture are a fire concern
  • Case studies   Showcase the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers by using these tips and anecdotes
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Summit   Learn how this NFPA event is bringing together sprinkler advocates for a worthwhile cause
  • Bringing Safety Home Award    Learn how others are effectively spreading the sprinkler message in their communities
  • For builders   In the business of building homes? Looking to convince homebuilders that sprinklers make sense?
  • For legislators and code-adopting bodies   Learn the myths about fire sprinklers and how to champion for them in your community