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Free Downloads

2017 rebranded Fire Sprinkler Initiative logo
NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative offers free advocacy tools that help promote requirements for home fire sprinkler installation in new, one- and two-family dwellings.

Free Presentation: Home Fire Sprinklers 101

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition home fire timeline

Interested in giving a compelling presentation on the necessity of home fire sprinklers? Download our free, PowerPoint presentation that's customizable and includes information on fire sprinkler performance, sprinkler laws, research supporting this technology, and ideas for bolstering advocacy in your region. 

NFPA's infographic underscores how home fire sprinklers impact property lossInfographics

  • Make a compelling case for home fire sprinklers  PDF JPG
  • Dispel myths on sprinkler effectiveness   PDF JPG
  • Sprinklers protect lives and property   PDF JPG
  • Newer homes are not safer homes   PDF JPG
  • Sprinklers are cost-effective   PDF JPG
  • Home fires: a major problem in North America   PDF JPG
  • Smoke alarms are not enough   PDF JPG

Templated Downloads

Talking Home Fire Sprinklers

Print Ads

 Looking for tips on raising sprinkler awareness? Download this free document, which assists sprinkler coalitions with developing a communications plan.