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Ruth Balser


Advocating for fire sprinklers in Massachusetts

Ruth Balser

Ruth B. Balser is the State Representative for the 12th Middlesex District, Massachusetts. Now serving her eighth term, she continues to be an independent progressive voice, fighting for the values and priorities of her community. After a nine-year battle to require sprinklers in commercial properties ("It is really one of my proudest accomplishments," she says. "I feel I had a role in saving lives and there is nothing more important that anyone can do."), Rep. Balser is now an active advocate for the expansion of fire sprinkler requirements, including the efforts to extend requirements in the home.

Video: Representative Balser explains how she got involved in the fight for home fire sprinklers.

Video: Representative Balser talks about the biggest challenge to home fire sprinkler requirements.

Video: Representative Balser says a strong coalition and local media involvement is key to advocacy efforts.

Video: Watch an NECN news clip featuring Representative Balser on her efforts to require sprinklers in commercial buildings.