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Amy Acton


The Human Impact of Fire

Amy Acton of the Phoenix Burn Society

Amy Acton, executive director of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, underscored the alarming number of burn injuries in the U.S., and how sprinkler advocacy efforts can help turn the tide. Acton noted that there are an estimated 450,000 treated burn injuries each year. Children under 14 years old account for more than 83,000 of these injuries. "Burn survivors are some of the sickest people you will see in the hospital," she told summit attendees. "All of their systems are attacked. Those involved in a house fire usually suffer from smoke inhalation injuries."

The Phoenix Society, which empowers burn survivors through peer support and education, offers its constituents the necessary training for advocacy around home fire sprinklers. "When I learned about the data and where people were dying, it was a no brainer for us as a survivor community."

Acton referenced Robert Feeney, a survivor from The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003, as an example of a successful advocacy effort and the power of using survivors' voices for this endeavor.

Download Amy Acton's presentation, "The Human Impact of Fire". (PDF)