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Jeff Hudson and Tim Travers


NFPA 13D - What You Need to Know

Jeff Hudson and Tim Travers

Jeffery Hudson (left) and Timothy Travers, regional sprinkler specialists with NFPA, highlighted the most pertinent details in NFPA 13D: Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes. In a nutshell, 13D systems "are life safety systems," said Travers. "They're not designed for property protection. You see well-intentioned fire department officials adding things to 13D. Follow it, don't exceed it."

Hudson and Travers, who assist states with their sprinkler adoption and advocacy efforts, have also discovered a number of myths in the field. "Stakeholders who advocate against sprinklers should be challenged on their data and testimony," Hudson told attendees, adding that NFPA can offer its assistance in countering the misinformation.

Download Jeff Hudson and Tim Travers' presentation "NFPA 13D - What You Need to Know" (PDF)