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Jeff LaFlam and Justin Smith

  • Sprinkler Coalition Building and Maintenance - Lessons Learned

  • Jeff LaFlam

    Proving the effectiveness of a strength-in-numbers approach, Jeff LaFlam, chair of the Washington Fire Sprinkler Coalition, underscored the sprinkler successes in his state. Now surpassing 300 members, the coalition itself is a success and now includes fire service members, burn center workers, sprinkler manufacturers, water purveyors, and others.

    The coalition has developed a strategic plan geared at local and statewide adoption efforts while providing sprinkler education to a number of stakeholders. Members have been a constant presence at home shows, fairs, and annual conferences.  

    Download Jeff LaFlam's presentation.

    Justin Smith

    Justin Smith, chair of the Wyoming Fire Sprinkler Coalition, also shared his insights on effective coalition building. Start by inviting your friends, he said, and work from there. "Engage those with an interest in sprinklers," said Smith. "Tell your friends to invite their friends. We now have a water purveyor on board. Not everyone has to come to every coalition meeting, but if you have your foot in the door somewhere, you're making progress."

    Download Justin Smith's presentation.