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Mike Dell'Orfano


Freedom of Choice - A Voluntary Home Sprinkler Installation Story

Mike Dell'Orfano

Mike Dell'Orfano, assistant chief with the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority in Colorado, gave attendees a play-by-play on installing sprinklers in his home, from pricing estimates to installation to the aftermath. The experience, he notes, was a lesson in patience that called into question the effectiveness of leaving the decision to sprinkler a home up to a homeowner.

Dell'Orfano told summit attendees that he experienced significant installation delays, confusing statements from the local water department, and overestimates for installation costs. "The builder initially went to one sprinkler contractor [for pricing estimates]," he noted. "That was the extent of their bidding process.

"My builder didn't have designs, didn't talk to the water department, they didn't think through this. Do you really think it's an individual's choice to buy a home with sprinklers? I would say no. Nobody in their right mind would have kept moving forward with this process."

 Download Mike Dell'Orfano's presentation "Freedom of Choice - A Voluntary Home Sprinkler Installation Story" (PDF)