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Stu Feinglas


A Water Purveyor's Perspective

Stu Feinglas

Stu Feinglas, water resources analyst with the city of Westminster, Colorado, offered his perspective on the home fire sprinkler mandate in his town. Following the formation of a task group encompassing fire and building officials as well as other stakeholders, Westminster's City Council approved the sprinkler requirement in 2010. The mandate went into effect in 2013.

Feinglas discussed the differences between standalone and multipurpose systems from his department's perspective, customer impacts, and some surprises along the way. He also outlined the lessons learned from this process, including the need to educate all city departments on sprinklers before moving forward with an adoption and to develop a list of concerns and solutions as a team. 

"Educating decision makers on this issue is a crucial part of the equation," Feinglas told summit attendees.

Download Stu Feinglas' presentation "A Water Purveyor's Perspective" (PDF)