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Jim Pauley


NFPA President Jim Pauley energizes attendees at sprinkler summit

NFPA President Jim Pauley addresses crowd at NFPA Home Fire Sprinkler Summit in Durham, North Carolina, held November 12-13, 2014.

Sprinkler advocates from across North America received a motivational jolt when NFPA President Jim Pauley praised grassroots efforts that are creating a wave of support for sprinkler requirements in new homes.

"NFPA knows it can't be everywhere," Pauley told attendees, some of them members of the state sprinkler coalitions that have formed over the years. "We know the work gets done by people on the street--and that's you."

This type of sprinkler education and advocacy, added Pauley, has led to statewide sprinkler requirements in California and Maryland. Using a one-community-at-a-time approach to sprinkler code adoption, Illinois has close to 100 communities with sprinkler requirements on the books.

While showcasing a strength-in-numbers approach toward acquiring sprinkler requirements, Pauley also praised the power of the individual's voice. One of the summit's speakers, for example, was burn survivor Pam Elliott, who was recently honored by NFPA and other fire safety groups for her pointed op-ed on home fire sprinklers. "Pam shows us that one voice can begin to make a difference and effect change."