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2015 Fire Sprinkler Initiative Summit - Boston


NFPA hosts 2015 Fire Sprinkler Initiative Summit in Boston 

Sprinkler advocates from North America strategized at NFPA's 2015 Fire Sprinkler Initiative Summit in Boston on how to increase acceptance of home fire sprinkler requirements

Fire service officials, burn survivors, and safety advocates throughout North America participated in NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative Summit, May 12-13 in Boston. Complementing a day of presentations was a strategy session where attendees offered their input on such topics as sprinkler coalition building and methods for addressing sprinkler opposition.


In This Section

  • Jim Pauley   NFPA president joins Massachusetts state fire marshal in lauding national sprinkler efforts
  • Shriners Hospital Boston   Employees at this pediatric hospital underscore human impact of fire
  • Mike Figolah   Fire official gives advice on effective sprinkler advocacy
  • Russ Davis   How I cost-effectively sprinklered all homes in a new community
  • Matt Klaus   NFPA's sprinkler expert discusses myths and misconceptions of NFPA's residential sprinkler standard
  • Peg Paul   Using resources by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition to reach future builders
  • Fred Durso   How NFPA can support your sprinkler advocacy and education efforts
  • David Tideman   The insurance industry's perspective on home fire sprinklers