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NFPA issues a free monthly newsletter on its nationwide effort to increase the use of home fire sprinklers through the adoption of sprinkler requirements.

NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter


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  • May 2016
    Teens supporting fire sprinklers join national campaign; recent home fire pinpoints nationwide flaws in traditional fire suppression methods; county with a long-standing sprinkler ordinance sees benefits--and a "near miss"
  • April 2016
    Two homebuilder groups sue following passage of sprinkler ordinance; builder learns the truth about home fire sprinklers; your opinion needed on the fire dangers of lightweight construction
  • March 2016
    New video highlights benefits of fire sprinkler ordinance; Maryland maintains its statewide, sprinkler law; new report cites lack of fire sprinklers in high-profile fire that killed two firefighters
  • February 2016 
    Maryland advocates contest anti-sprinkler legislation in new video; NFPA offers grant funding for sprinkler advocacy efforts; FEMA safeguards its new, temporary housing with sprinklers
  • January 2016 
    Homeowner requests to have new home sprinklered, builder says no; NFPA responds to article filled with sprinkler inaccuracies and misstatements; if you're serious about being green, home fire sprinklers are a must


  • December 2015  
    Survivor of one of America's worst fire disasters lends his voice to sprinkler cause; groundbreaking report sheds light on sprinklered homes, homeowners; injured on the job, firefighter takes firm stance on fire sprinkler bill
  • November 2015
    Research shows homes fires still a deadly threat; state sprinkler requirement under attack; new video series tackles the myths behind NFPA 13D
  • October 2015
    The rising concern over lightweight construction and today's modern furnishings under fire; father and sons die in home fire days after an appeals court overturns state sprinkler requirement; sprinkler demonstrations all the rage during Fire Prevention Week
  • September 2015
    Safety advocates fire back at media's false claims on sprinklers; New York Times underscores housing boom in a state requiring sprinklers; the seven benefits of sprinklers you and others need to know
  • August 2015
    What can we learn from a country that will sprinkler all of its new homes?; new law demands homebuilder action on home fire sprinklers; town considers sprinkler ordinance following success of one its communities
  • July 2015 
    Firefighter and his family tell heartbreaking story of home fire with lasting impact; decision-makers discover the horrors of fire; record-breaking fire chief now has his own forum for sprinkler advocacy 
  • June 2015  
    Advocates receive up to $10,000 to initiate sprinkler efforts; sprinkler installation cost a scorching topic during radio show; following daughter's fire death, father takes action on sprinkler legislation
  • May 2015   
    Fire chief: Where is the national outrage over the fire death of a two-year-old in a new home?; how a developer cost-effectively sprinklered an entire community; builder sued for failure to follow sprinkler requirement
  • April 2015
    Advocates push for increased safety at home following fire claiming seven children; Who is dying in today's home fires?; "Sprinkler installation will price out homebuyers!" What a farce, says sprinkler advocate
  • March 2015 
    Free money to fund local sprinkler efforts now available; New Jersey State Assembly and Senate pass sprinkler bill; when choosing a water supply for sprinklers, which is best?
  • February 2015
    A compelling advocate rises from tragedy; Maine fire marshal gets frank about sprinkler opposition; future homebuilders get schooled on safety; fire sprinkler bills filed in New Jersey and Connecticut
  • January 2015
    New sprinkler requirement takes effect in Minnesota; homebuilders "misinformed" about home fire sprinklers; elected official initiates sprinkler ordinance after hearing perfect pitch

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