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February 2012 FSI newsletter

This is an archived edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter. Since publication, some links may have broken or take you to different content. Read the latest issue and subscribe today. It's free, and once a month, you'll receive the latest news about NFPA's efforts to require fire sprinklers in all new homes.
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February 2012
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State coalitions push for sprinkler adoptions
A number of states, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, have organized coalitions that include the fire service, safety advocates, businesses, and other stakeholders - all working together to increase awareness of the home fire problem. These partnerships help advocates emphasize the role that sprinkler requirements have in saving lives. See the resources each state offers as they work to halt anti-sprinkler legislation.

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Sprinkler opponents file legislation in several states
State legislatures are in session and opponents of home fire sprinklers have wasted no time in convincing lawmakers in Colorado, Hawaii, and Tennessee to introduce bills that would prohibit jurisdictions from including one- and two-family dwelling fire sprinkler requirements in the adopted codes. Help fight the legislation: use our advocacy tools to convince lawmakers to require fire sprinklers in your community.
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TV report highlights fire dangers of lightweight construction
FOX 9 News in Minneapolis/St. Paul recently featured an investigative report on the fire danger of lightweight construction. The report included a fire test that demonstrated how quickly light-weight construction - used in approximately 2/3 of new homes - burns and collapses, posing a risk to families and firefighters. The eye-opening report underscores the need for automatic sprinklers in new home construction.
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Homebuilder sets the record straight about sprinklers
Murray Pound, a Canadian homebuilder who once rejected home fire sprinklers based on notions of exorbitant cost and installation hassles, is now an outspoken sprinkler advocate. Last week, Murray was on hand at the International Builders' Show in Orlando to help dispel myths about sprinklers. He also received the "Fire Sprinklers Saved Lives Award" from the American Fire Sprinkler Association.
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New report studies fire flow water consumption
A new Fire Protection Research Foundation report analyzes the fire protection water demand for various building types, including residential dwellings. It concludes that the amount of water used during a fire in a sprinklered building is less than that of an unsprinklered building. In addition, in most cases, the amount of water required per year in a sprinklered building for commissioning, inspection, testing, and maintenance of systems is less than that of an unsprinklered building.
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Sprinklers make a difference in three Maryland fires
Fire sprinklers are credited with saving lives and property in three separate fires that broke out in Prince Georges County, MD. One of the fires started in the kitchen of a family home and was quickly extinguished by a single sprinkler, limiting damage to $2,500. Prince Georges County, MD has required sprinklers in all new construction, including one- and two-family homes for many years.
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Dispelling myths about home fire sprinklers
When installed and maintained properly, there is a very low risk of leaks from home fire sprinkler systems. Each individual sprinkler is designed and calibrated to activate only when it senses a significant heat change, directing water to the area of the fire.
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Join us in Las Vegas
NFPA's Conference & Expo will be held in Las Vegas, June 11-14. We'll offer an unrivaled educational conference with an expo of more than 360 solution providers. We'll also be featuring an entire conference track devoted to suppression systems.
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