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Podcast: The Survivors, Episode 1

The Survivors is a podcast series produced by the National Fire Protection Association underscoring the lingering effects of fire in America

This is the story of fire that the statistics won't show you. 

This is the story of The Survivors. 

Episode 1:  One of 367,000

Feike and Noelle van Dijk’s sense of normalcy was shattered when a home fire killed two of their children in 2014. Three years after the incident, the family gives a rarely seen look at the lingering effects of American home fires, which claim seven people each day and injure 13,000 yearly. What’s discovered during a trip to their hometown is a family reminiscent of the past, but changed by their loss. 

Produced by the National Fire Protection Association in cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. 

Facts on Home Fires and Safety Information

Feike van Dijk (left) and Noelle holding twins Ephraim ("Remmy") and Sabine ("Beanie"). (From right of Noelle) Zephan, Noah, and Able. Zephan and Noah lost their lives in a 2014 home fire.

Welcome to Wyoming sign during drive to Lander

Cattle sign in Wyoming

Signs pointing to Wyoming's wildlife

Red Rock canyons near Lander, Wyoming

Red rock canyons near Lander, Wyoming

The van Dijk family

Pillow featuring members of the van Dijk family