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Podcast: The Survivors, Episode 5

The Survivors is a podcast series produced by the National Fire Protection Association underscoring the lingering effects of fire in America

This is the story of fire that the statistics won't show you. 

This is the story of The Survivors. 

Episode 5: Never Again

The van Dijk’s and other burn survivors want their experience to be the catalyst for the inclusion of fire sprinklers in all new homes. However, a powerful group has spent serious dollars preventing that from happening.    

Produced by the National Fire Protection Association in cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. 

Take Action on Home Fire Sprinklers

A blanket featuring the van Dijk family

A blanket featuring all of the van Dijk kids

Remi (left) and Abel inside their home in Lander, Wyoming

Remmy(left) and Able inside their Lander, Wyoming, home