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Videos from partnering organizations


NFPA's partnering organizations have produced videos on the need for home fire sprinklers.

Common Voices Videos

Common Voices, a coalition of sprinkler advocates impacted by fire, produced a video of member Jeff Jordan, who was severely burned as an infant and is now a vocal ally for home fire sprinklers. 

Additional Common Voices Videos

Common Voices also received the prestigious Telly Award for their fire safety public education campaign featuring the "Sleep with a Firefighter" and "Airbags and Fire Sprinklers" videos.


Common Voices Public Service Announcements

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Videos

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition spokesperson Ron Hazelton demonstrates the dramatic difference between two fires, one in a room protected with a single fire sprinkler, the other without a fire sprinkler. Deadly flashover occurs in the room without fire sprinklers in less than 2 minutes. In the other room, the fire sprinkler activates in less than 20 seconds, controlling and putting out the fire.

If you have not lived with fire sprinklers before, you probably have some questions. To answer your questions, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has produced "Living with Sprinklers" hosted by Ron Hazelton.


Fresno Fire Department Video