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Environmental impact videos

FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, April 2010
The findings of a groundbreaking study show that greenhouse gases released by burning buildings can be reduced by 98% when automatic fire sprinklers are installed. The study, a collaborative effort of FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, also found that automatic fire sprinklers: reduce fire damage by up to 97%; reduce water usage to fight a home fire by upwards of 90%; and reduce the amount of water pollution released into the environment.

Groundbreaking research released from FM Global and the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition finds sprinklers protect the environment in addition to preventing property loss and saving lives.

Gary Keith, former vice president of Field Operations for NFPA and former president of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), answers questions about the burn demonstration at the FM Global Research Facility.

Chris Wieczorek, Senior Research Specialist at FM Global discusses how the test burn helped researchers quantify the environmental benefit of sprinklers.