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Fire Power revisited


A house fire has the extraordinary ability to turn deadly in minutes. Here are some examples of its power.

Flashover: The Power of Fire

Flashover is the point in which everything in the room of a home catches fire. Nobody survives flashover. See how quickly flashover can occur and how it can be prevented. Home fire sprinklers save lives and property from fire. They act before the fire department is even notified. In this video, produced by the National Fire Protection Association, we show what happens while a house is burning and the local fire department is on its way.

Fire Power Revisited

In 1986, NFPA created the award winning video "Fire Power" which took a firsthand look at the deadly dynamics of fire from ignition to full room involvement. At every twist and turn of the video, viewers get a bird's-eye view of fire's path of destruction and are astonished at how rapidly smoke and flames from a small fire envelop a home, making escape virtually impossible. Much has changed since Fire Power was produced. What has not changed is the power of fire. For the 25th anniversary, NFPA revisited a few of the original scenes with the original narrator, Boston news reporter Jack Harper, to talk about the dramatic footage and the role that home fire sprinklers play in saving lives and property.