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Sprinkler demonstration videos

Side-by-side demonstrations are one of the best education tools to show the power of home fire sprinklers.


May 2014 - A live burn and sprinkler demonstration took place at the University of Texas at Arlington to a crowd of more than 100 attendees. A fire in a mock bedroom was doused soon after organizers initiated the fire.

October 2010 -- A small spark in a typical American home can grow into a roaring inferno in just minutes. To underscore this point, NFPA hosted a side-by-side test burn in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The event demonstrated how quickly flashover can occur and how home fire sprinklers can give you and your family time to evacuate. This home fire sprinklers demonstration kicked off he beginning of NFPA's new "Faces of Fire" campaign.

June 2009 -- Another side-by-side room display set up at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago for the 2009 NFPA Conference & Expo. The side-by-side burn demonstrates the effects of a fire in two identical rooms, one with sprinklers and one without.

May 2009 -- A side-by-side room display set up at the Plymouth Massachusetts Fire Department. Sprinklers had been installed in only one of the rooms. Both rooms were set on fire. Home fire sprinklers are designed to activate when a certain degree of heat increase is reached, so as the temperature in the display went up, the sprinklers went off. As seen in this demonstration, the fire in the sprinklered room was controlled quickly by overhead sprinklers. In contrast, the fire in the room without sprinklers burned out of control until the fire department put out the fire.