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Anti-sprinkler legislation filed in 2010


SB129: Companion bill HB 202. Prohibits any municipality from requiring fire sprinklers in one- and two-family homes.
Status: HB202 amended to require public hearings before a municipality can adopt home fire sprinkler requirements. Bill died without action in House and Senate.

HB264: Prohibits any entity from requiring fire sprinklers in one- and two-family homes.
Status: Amended to remove Code Board's "advisory status" to "sole authority" with regards to adoption, implementation, and revision of the code. Committee substitute for HB264 adopts the 2006 edition of the IRC and prohibits communities from adopting home fire sprinkler requirements. Passed and signed by governor.
HB97: Companion bill SB125. Fire protection sprinkler systems, not required in single-story buildings meeting certain requirements. Died in committee.

HB1839: Prohibits requirement in one and two family homes.
Status: Died without passage.

SB846: Prohibits inclusion of one- and two-family sprinkler provisions in building code.
HB7095: Companion bill.
Status: Passed and signed by governor.

HB 1196: Prohibits inclusion of one- and two-family sprinkler provisions in building code.
Status: Passed and signed by governor.

S1299: Excludes inclusion of one- and two-family sprinkler provisions from building code (pg. 14, line 42-48)
Status: Passed and signed by governor.

SF 2051: House companion bill HF2108 and HF2062. HF 2508 replaced HF 2062 on Feb. 22 and is amended to allow "opt in" by local communities. Died in committee.
Status: Language prohibiting home fire sprinkler provisions included in HF2531. Concurrent resolution nullifies the home fire sprinkler requirement from the administrative rules but SFM/CBO and local jurisdictions retain authority to promulgate home fire sprinkler requirement.

HB2515: Prohibits locals from adopting residential sprinkler provisions.
Status: Failed House vote.
SB573: Introduced on 3/11. Died in committee. Reintroduced as amendment attached to HB2472. Conference committee amended the bill to place a moratorium on the requirement until July 1, 2011 and established a task force to explore issue and report back to the legislature by July 1, 2011.

House Concurrent Resolution #145 requests the state fire marshal to study and report the feasibility of requiring sprinkler systems in residential homes. HB206: HB206 prohibits adoption of fire sprinklers in one-and two-family dwellings.
Status: Passed and sent to governor.

SB2079: Prohibits municipalities from adopting fire sprinkler requirements in one- and two-family homes.
Status: Died in committee.

LB949: Removes the home fire sprinkler provision from the 2009 IRC. Prohibits any jurisdiction from requiring fire sprinklers in one- and two-family homes and townhomes. Died in committee.
Status: LR384 referred matter to implementation study.

New Hampshire
HB1191, HB1486: Both bills prohibit the fire code from requiring the installation of fire sprinkler systems in single or multi-family dwellings. HB1486 passed by House with amendment. HB1191 referred to interim study.
Status: HB1486 passed by full House and Senate with amendment establishing committee to study municipal requirements.

Status: Adopted January 1, 2011. Pending legal action. PA Builders injunction denied. Pending commitee action.
HB1809: HB1809 and companion SB1001 prohibit inclusion of home fire sprinkler requirement if the home is located within 5 miles of fire station or not connected to a reliable municipal water supply.
HB1808: Prohibits adoption of the 2009 IRC.
Status: Pending commitee action.

South Carolina
Status: Passed as amended by Senate to maintain requirement in the code but postpones implementation to Jan. 1, 2014. Passed. Signed by Governor.

South Dakota
HB1216: Companion bill SB68. Prohibits local jurisdictions from mandating fire sprinklers in single family homes.
Status: Passed House and Senate. Signed by governor.

SB3220: Companion Bill HB3434. Requires adoption of the 2006 International Building Code that does not include fire sprinkler requirements for one- and two-family homes.
Status: Pending committee action.

HB0045: Deletes fire sprinkler requirements from the code.
Status: Final version allows local amendments to require home fire sprinklers when certain conditions are met (Pg. 70, Lines 1948-1973). Signed by governor.