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Tennessee Fire Sprinkler CoalitionThe Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Coalition (TFSC) was formed to bring the fire service and other stakeholders together for the purpose of keeping the home fire sprinkler requirement in the Tennessee code, to assist local jurisdictions in adopting ordinances, and to participate in the legislative process to stop anti-sprinkler legislation. Our goal is to increase awareness of the power of fire and the home fire death problem; emphasizing the role that the home fire sprinkler requirement plays in saving lives and preventing injuries in Tennessee.

Coalition activities are coordinated through the Tennessee Fire Service Coalition, whose goal is to promote improvements in the fire protection for safety of the citizens and firefighters in Tennessee. Contact vpdesign@aol.com for information about the Tennessee Fire Service Coalition.

 Legislative alert
Last year, Tennessee legislators ruled that local communities should retain control of life safety decisions. This year, legislation has been filed that will weaken public safety and remove local control and the right to decide what is best for reducing the risk of fire death; taking all decisions away from the local leaders who know their community best.

HB 2639 and SB 2492 prohibit sprinkler requirements in local building codes in one-family and two-family dwellings and establish a precedent to put politics above proven safety technology and disregard the long established consensus code process. These bills are more than just about fire sprinklers; they are about taking away local rights. Aren’t local rights worth fighting for?

How you can help