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Findings of the FM Global study


The environmental impact of home fire sprinklers is being shown at the Green Builder® Media’s VISION House® exhibit in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®, which opened on Earth Day 2012. The exhibit, co-sponsored by NFPA with educational messaging from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, is a green show home that highlights the best in green residential design and sustainable living.

"The green benefits of sprinklers are really huge," said Gary Keith, NFPA's Vice President of Field Operations and Education. "We always suspected that sprinklers offered those types of benefits, but we were able to prove that in a study that was done in a partnership with the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and FM Global back in 2009. The key points were the reduction in greenhouse gases to the atmosphere were reduced by 98 percent, we had 97 percent less fire damage compared to a home without fire sprinklers, and we had 90 percent less water usage. Those are big benefits from an environmental standpoint."