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Faces of Fire

Faces of Fire

"Faces of Fire" is an NFPA campaign that features real people telling personal stories to demonstrate the need for home fire sprinklers. 

In 2012, U.S. fire departments responded to 365,000 home structure fires. These fires killed 2,380 civilians, caused 12,875 civilian fire injuries, and more than $7 billion in direction property damage. By containing fires before they spread, home fire sprinklers protect lives and property. Sprinkler opponents are spreading misleading information and raising false questions about sprinklers in the minds of consumers and municipal bodies. Such tactics of delay and defeat can cost lives. NFPA is fighting back by sharing research-based information, advocacy tools and now, personal stories of those affected by home fires.

Princella Lee Bridges
Princella Lee Bridges ran back into her burning home, changing her life forever.
Location: Greenville, SC
A former operating room nurse, Princella underwent painful surgeries followed by frequent hospital stays following a home fire. She believes it all could have been avoided had her home been equipped with sprinklers. Read Princella's story.
Mayer Fistal  Three months after moving into their dream home, Mayer and Sheryl Fistal lost everything in a home fire.
Location: Falmouth, ME
On a chilly morning in 2006, a fire broke out in the fireplace located in the Fistal's living room. They escaped the blaze and when they rebuilt, they included home fire sprinklers. Read Mayer and Sheryl's story.
Linda Daughetee  Jim and Linda Daughetee's 24-year-old son, volunteer firefighter Shane Daughetee, died in a house fire. 
Location: Hamilton County, TN
Shane Daughtee, a 24-year-old volunteer fire fighter, died at a home fire after falling through a floor which was supported by engineered wooden I-beams. Read Shane's story.
Angie Roach  A house fire took away Angie Roach's independence and ability to continue in a career she loved. 
Location: Hall County, GA
For firefighter Angie Roach, what should have been just a routine knockdown of a house fire on August 4, 2007, quickly became a catastrophic event. Read Angie's story.

Sam Davis  Sam Davis, a homebuilder in Florida, offers a free fire sprinkler system in all new homes he builds. 
Location: Cape Coral, FL
When someone asks him about fire sprinklers he tells them, “You can spend a fortune on appliances, cabinets and granite countertops but those things will do nothing to protect your family against a fire.” Read Sam's story.
Murray Pound  Murray Pound is a home builder in Alberta, Canada. One hundred percent of the homes he builds include sprinklers.
Location: Alberta, Canada
Murray Pound owns Gold Seal Homes in Alberta, Canada. “I think builders face a lot of obstacles today in that some of the information they are given regarding residential fire sprinklers isn’t completely accurate” says Mr. Pound. Read Murray's story. 
Linda Chavis  Linda Chavis of Lexington, South Carolina, lost her firefighter son in a house fire in 2001.
Location: Lexington, South Carolina
"It is definitely a parent’s worst nightmare to receive a call saying your son or child has been hurt. My first thought was no, he’s a fireman. He helps people, he can’t be hurt." Read Linda's story.
Chief Brian Black  Chief Brian Black was on duty when he learned that his house was on fire.
Location: Anderson County, South Carolina
Although his family survived, the house was destroyed and they lost everything they owned. Recognizing how close he came to losing his family; he made a decision to include fire sprinklers when he rebuilt his home. Read Chief Black's story. 
Tonya Hoover  State Fire Marshal in California hopes other states will follow in California's footsteps.
Location: California
Tonya Hoover, State Fire Marshal for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, hopes other states will use portions of California’s efforts as a model for establishing their own requirements for home fire sprinklers. Read Marshal Hoover's story. 
Guy Santelli  Wisconsin Fire Inspector Guy Santelli installed fire sprinklers in his home to protect his family.
Location: Wisconsin
For Wisconsin firefighters Guy Santelli and his wife, installing fire sprinklers was an easy choice: "We want to protect our family the best we can." For them, there were no additional costs or extraordinary water fees. Read Guy's story. 
  A firefighter working for Chief W. Keith Brower, Jr. was severely burned and forced to retire.
Location: Loudoun County, VA
A fireball eruption on the first floor of a home fire trapped four of Chief Brower's firefighters upstairs. One firefighter sustained serious burns. "He's partially incapacitated," says the Chief. "He can't do the job he loves." Read Chief Brower's story. 
Jo Brinkley  Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir lost her fire department partner while responding to a home fire.
Location: Green Bay, WI
Jo and her partner Arnie Wolff were searching for residents of a home fire when the floor beneath them collapsed. Jo suffered a few burns, a rib fracture, and a broken hip, but Arnie was trapped and did not survive. Read Jo's story. 
Irv Bailey  Irv and Cathy Bailey lost two grandchildren in a home fire on Christmas morning.
Location: Louisville, KY
When an early morning fire broke out, Irv and Cathy’s young grandsons were trapped in an upstairs bedroom. The two boys died, three firefighters were injured, and the house was destroyed. Read Irv and Cathy's story. 
Jeff Hudson  One of Chief Jeff Hudson's firefighters was the first city firefighter to die in the line of duty.
Location: Shawnee, KS
Chief Hudson (ret.) knows that if fire sprinklers had been in place when his crews responded to a house fire in 2010, he would not have lost a devoted firefighter, friend and brother in the fire service. Read Chief Hudson's story. 
Stuart Tom  Building official Stuart Tom talks about sprinkler legislation in California.
Location: Glendale, CA
Stuart Tom of Glendale, CA, where home fire sprinklers have been required in new construction since 1986, talks about the new California legislation that requires sprinklers in new construction of single-family homes state-wide. Read Stuart's story. 
  Meredith Hawes is working to educate the public about residential sprinklers.
Location: Traverse City, MI
Safety educator Meredith Hawes works to teach consumers about the life-saving potential of home fire sprinklers. Some people believe common myths about sprinklers, she says, but change their minds once they learn the truth. Read Meredith's story. 
Anne Mazzola  Anne Mazzola of Las Vegas survived a fire thanks to her home's sprinkler system.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Anne Mazzola was working in her home while her new floor received its last coat of sealant. The combustible product ignited an intense fire that was extinguished nearly as quickly as it started, thanks to her home's sprinkler system. Read Anne's story. 
Matt Bell  After a fire, Matt Bell rebuilt his home and installed sprinklers - "an easy decision".
Location: Painesville Township, OH
What shocks Matt Ball the most is the speed in which a small electrical fire took over and completely gutted his bi-level home. When it was time to rebuild, the family installed sprinklers. Read Matt's story. 
Iris Miller  A home fire cost Iris Miller severe burns and all of the fingers on her right hand.
Location: Morton Grove, IL
Iris fell asleep while reading in bed and never heard the smoke alarm blaring. She was severly burned over 22% of her body. "Thinking of how home fire sprinklers might have changed my life...I wish I'd been given that chance." Read Iris' story. 
Erin Mounsey  Erin Mounsey has endured more than 40 surgeries after being burned in a home fire.
Location: Durango, CO
Erin spent two months in a medically-induced coma. His psychological troubles took a long time to heal, but with the support of his wife, a fellow burn survivor, Erin is coming to terms with the abilities he lost. Read Erin's story. 
David Vogel  David Vogel was badly burned after an unattended candle ignited a fire in his home.
Location: Cambridge, MA
David spent two months in the hospital, receiving skin grafts on 25% of his body, spent another month in a rehabilitation hospital, and then went through out-patient therapy. Today, he feels fortunate that his life is “back to normal.” Read David's story. 
Justina Page  Justina Page was severely burned and lost one of her 22-month-old twins in a house fire.
Location: Houston, TX
After more than 25 surgeries, Justina is still working on rebuilding her family and her life after a tragic home fire. Her young son, Amos, died in the blaze, and his twin brother Benjamin suffered permanent mental and speech impairments. Read Justina's story. 
Jerry Buist was 10 years old when he suffered severe burns and injuries from smoke inhalation.
Location: Paw Paw, MI
Jerry and his parents had often discussed fire safety, and the day he woke up trapped in flames, he wished they'd done more than talk. He ran through the fire to escape, and suffered burns on 35-45% of his body. A trip to burn camp changed his life. Read Jerry's story.