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Jim and Linda Daughetee

Faces of Fire
“There’s no telling how much more good he could have done in this world had we only been able to get him out in time.”
Names: Jim and Linda Daughetee, Lt. Eliott Mahaffey
Date of fire: January 26, 2007
Location: Hamilton County, TN
Injury: Jim and Linda’s only son, 24-year-old volunteer firefighter Shane Daughetee died from injuries sustained in a house fire. Lt. Eliott Mahaffey suffered burn injuries in his attempt to save his crew partner.

Download this video of Jim and Linda Daughetee and Lt. Eliott Mahaffey.

On January 26, 2007, Jim and Linda Daughetee experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when their only son Shane, a 24-year-old volunteer fire fighter, died at a home fire after falling through the floor which was supported by engineered wooden I-beams. Without warning, the floor collapsed sending him into the basement. Firefighter Eliott Mahaffey was within arm’s distance of his crew partner, Shane, when the floor collapsed. Crews attempted to rescue Shane from the fully involved basement, but a subsequent collapse of the main floor ceased further rescue efforts. 

“Shane’s passion for firefighting and helping others still lives on," says Firefighter Mahaffey. "His death has shown that we must push to see that homes are built to protect the lives of residents and firefighters. We will continue to educate others for the need of home sprinklers.”

Download this 30-second PSA featuring Lt. Eliott Mahaffey.