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Quotes of note

Faces of Fire

Name: Dan Sullivan, Building Inspector
Location: Bedford, MA
“I believe there are myths out there regarding home fire sprinklers. If builders and building officials could see this side-by-side demonstration that I have seen at FM Global, there would be no doubt sprinklers are the most effective tool to save lives and prevent extensive property damage.”

Name: Joseph A .Morgan Jr.
Date of fire: May 1999
Age at time of fire: 36
Location: Washington, D.C.
Injury: 65 percent of his body had 2nd and 3rd degree burns; two of his fellow firefighters were killed by the fire.

"The quick response of home fire sprinkler systems greatly improves the chance of saving lives, minimizing property damage and safely returning fire fighters home to their families—that is worth any cost."
Firefighter Joe Morgan was severely injured on duty in 1999.

Name: Stephen Halliday
Date of fire: November 7, 2002
Age at time of fire: 42
Location: Queens, New York
Injury: Fire lieutenant burned (50%) while on duty in 2002

“I worked in Manhattan for 15 years fighting fires in skyscrapers and big buildings, but received my only injury from a house fire in Queens 10 feet from the door – difference is the big buildings are safer, they have sprinklers.”

"You have a new date in your life and that is the day you got burned.”

The pain is never over, my hands hurt daily.”
Stephen Halliday was injured while on duty in 2002.

Name: Sondra Senn
Date of fire: February 2006
Age at time of fire: 53
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Injury: Lost her sister to a house fire.

“Home fire sprinklers would have given my sister the few precious seconds she needed to get out of the house. Instead, I am left with the memory of her ashy handprint on the window.”

Sondra Senn lost her sister to a house fire in 2006.