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New Jersey


New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition The New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition is a cooperative partnership advocating installation and proper care of fire sprinkler systems as a highly effective means of helping save lives and property. The Coalition is comprised of local leaders, firemen, contractors, businesses and unionized personnel representing fire sprinkler construction, production, education, distribution and installation.

Act now in support of home fire sprinklers
To join the coalition or for more information, contact Tim Travers.

 New Jersey's Home Fire Problem & Solution

Firemen at the scene of a house fire

  • In 2013, 60 civilians and four firefighters died from fire, with the majority of these deaths occurring in residential settings.
  • Home fire sprinklers can cut the risk of dying from a fire by 80 percent.
  • In the event of a house fire, homeowners can expect financial losses 90 percent lower than those that occur from fires in unsprinklered homes.
  • According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the average cost to install home fire sprinklers in a new home is $1.35 per square foot. This is approximately one percent of the value of the home. When the cost is spread over a 30-year mortgage, it comes down to less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.
  • Through the use of trade-ups, developers and builders can achieve reduced construction costs while providing higher value homes for their customers.

More information on home fire sprinklers is available on the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.

Attend Free Training on Home Fire Sprinklers

As part of a series of programs pertaining to fire sprinklers, the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition is co-hosting free training on home fire sprinklers. Attendees will receive continuing education units for their participation. The two sessions pertaining to fire sprinklers in one- and two-family dwellings take place on May 10 and 11, 2016 in Toms River and Mahwah. Download this flyer for all registration details.

Homebuilder Says "No" to Request to Sprinkler New Home

"Home fire sprinklers should be a matter of consumer choice." That's a popular argument made by sprinkler opponents, who balk at code requirements for this life-saving feature. Instead, they say they'll be glad to install the devices if a homeowner asks for them. That's not what happened recently in New Jersey. Read the full story by visiting NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog.

Sprinkler Trailer Making the Rounds in New Jersey

New Jersey safety advocates actively educate residents on sprinklerse via a demonstration trailer.

Since 2005, the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board has actively engaged and educated both the New Jersey public and the state’s legislators about proactive fire safety through a series of live demonstrations as part of its burn trailer program. The burn trailer events allow those in attendance to see firsthand the life- and property-saving benefits of fire sprinklers in real time. In 2014, the burn trailer, which has steadily gained momentum since its inception, hit a record reach of more than 7,600 people during 36 separate events. Visit NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog for additional details about these educational efforts. 

Home fire sprinklers are a life-saving toolHow Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

Home fire sprinklers are technologically very advanced, but the basic way they work is very simple. Fire sprinklers have no moving parts and act simply as a water plug that releases at a particular temperature. Download a free PDF that underscores sprinkler operation.

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) is a leading resource for accurate, noncommercial information and materials about home fire sprinklers for consumers, the fire service, builders, and other professionals. HFSC offers free educational materials about home fire sprinkler systems, how they work, why they provide affordable protection and answers to common myths and misconceptions about their operation.